Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 11 Jan 2022 - 16:18 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Irish Islamologist's book on Islamic arts published by Edinburgh University -------------------------------------------------- IBNA- 'Studies in Islamic Painting, Epigraphy and Decorative Arts' (2021) by Bernard ‎O’Kane is Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at the American University in Cairo ‎has been published by Edinburgh University. ‎ Text : Winner of the award of Iranian Farabi International Festival in 2017, Bernard O’Kane is the author of Timurid Architecture in Khurasan (1987), Studies in Persian Art and Architecture (1996), Early Persian Painting (2003); and the editor of Treasures of Islamic Art in the Museums of Cairo (2006). He also lived and researched in Iran for a time.   Studies in Islamic Painting, Epigraphy and Decorative Arts which has been published in 512 pages presents a carefully curated selection of key articles by O’Kane on medieval Islamic painting, decorative arts and epigraphy.   The book discusses masterpieces of Arab and Persian painting, in both albums and illustrated manuscripts; Explores the rise of Persian poetry on works of art and architecture in Iran and Turkey; Showcases the finest holdings of the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo and other collections; Traces the development of monumental epigraphy and calligraphy in Egypt; Includes over 300 photographs, many published in color for the first time;   This lavishly illustrated volume features 19 articles by Bernard O’Kane on a wealth of topics in medieval Islamic art. O’Kane examines controversial subjects such as the Siyah Qalam album paintings and major masterpieces of both Arab and Persian illustrated manuscripts.   He analyses Egyptian and Iranian examples of decorative arts including woodwork, textiles, ceramics and metalwork, from large-scale minbars to ivory boxes. And he explores epigraphic developments in Persian and Arabic, from the 10th to the 15th centuries in Egypt and Iran.   Contents of the book:   1. The Egyptian Art of Ṭirāz in Fatimid Times 2. Monumental Calligraphy in Fatimid Egypt: Epigraphy in Stone, Stucco, and Wood 3. The Great Jalayirid Shahnama 4. Medium and Message in the Monumental Epigraphy of Medieval Cairo 5. A Tale of Two Minbars: Woodwork in Egypt and Syria on the Eve of the Ayyubids 6. The Look of Language 7. Text and Paintings in the al-Wāsiṭī Maqāmāt 8. Kalila o Demna iii. Illustrations in Manuscripts 9. Documentation of the Inscriptions in the Historic Zone of Cairo 10. The Uses of Persian on Monumental Epigraphy in Turkey 11. Reconciliation or Estrangement? Colophon and Paintings in the TIEM Ẓafarnāma and Some Other Controversial Manuscripts 12. The Uses of Captions in Medieval Literary Arabic Manuscripts 13. The Iconography of the Shahnama, Ms. tarikh farisī 73, Dar al-Kutub, Cairo (796/13934) 14. Introduction to Islamic Art, Art of the Ayyubids and Bahri Mamluks and Iranian Art 15. Persian Poetry on Ilkhanid Art and Architecture 16. Siyah Qalam: The Jalayirid Connections 17. The Bihbihani Anthology and Its Antecedents 18. Lifting the Veil from the Face of Persian Painting 19. Rock Faces and Rock Figures in Persian Painting.   Amazon books website introduces fifteen books authored by Professor O’Kane who is also a photographer. Among them are: ‘The Appearance of Persian on Islamic Art’; ‘The Mosques of Egypt; The Illustrated Guide to the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo’; ‘The Iconography of Islamic Art: Studies in Honor of Robert Hillenbrand’; ‘The Minarets of Cairo: Islamic Architecture from the Arab Conquest to the End of the Ottoman Period’; and ‘Creswell Photographs Re-examined: New Perspectives on Islamic Architecture’.