Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 3 Jul 2022 - 20:56 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Iranian Dr. Hadidi Award for French Language founded ‎ -------------------------------------------------- IBNA- Iranian Association of French Language and Literature has recently founded Dr. ‎Hadidi Award for French Language and Literature named after the late Iranian scholar, ‎author and translator Javad Hadidi. ‎ Text : The award has been established in view of the necessity for using the great capacity and capability of research to identify and propose key issues and topics in the development and progress of interdisciplinary, literary, linguistic studies, education and translation in French.   Furthermore, considering the impact of holding national and international scientific and research events in the expansion of applied research, the presentation and appreciation of the best research works in the relevant fields seem inevitable.   The secretary of the first edition of this award is Rouhollah Hosseini, a French language expert and faculty member of the University of Tehran.