Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 2 Jan 2022 - 15:54 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Georgian Iranologist and translator wins Saba Literary Award -------------------------------------------------- IBNA- Giorgi Lobzhanidze, a Georgian Iranologist and translator won the Saba Literary ‎Award for his translation of the first book of 'Masnavi-ye Ma’navi' by Mowlana Jalal ad-‎Din Rumi from Persian to Georgian.‎ Text : In the 19th edition of the Saba Literary Award, which was held online in Georgia due to the coronavirus pandemic, among 260 participants, 10 were nominated to be awarded by the panel of juries, public relations department of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) reported.   In the category of the best translation, Lubjanidze received an award for translating the first book of Mowlana Rumi s ‎ Masnavi-ye Ma’navi from Persian to Georgian. Born in 1974, Lubjanidze is also an orientalist. In 1991 Giorgi Lobzhanidze entered Tbilisi State University, the faculty of oriental studies, Arabian language and literature. After graduation with honors, he was engaged in pedagogical activities at the Department of Semiotic Studies of State University. He has also studied at the University of Tehran.   His other key works as translator include the translation of the book ‘Kalīla wa-Dimna’ (or Kelileh va demneh) from Arabic into Georgian, the translation of the Holy Quran into Georgian and the translation of ‘Golestan’ by Sa adi Shirazi from Persian into Georgian.   The translation of the first and second books of ‘Masnavi-ye Ma’navi’ was one of the plans approved by Iran’s Cultural Attaché in Georgia last year. This year, the translation of the third book of ‘Masnavi’ which was on the agenda was completed with the support of the Translation and Publishing Organization Center and is being edited, which will be published later.   Saba Literary Award is held annually and awards are given in 10 categories such as the best prose, the best prose collection, the best poetry collection, the best novel, the best play, the best literary criticism, and so on.    ‎