Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 18 Feb 2011 - 14:18 -------------------------------------------------- In less than a year and by late Ali Sami Title : The two-volume book “Achaemenid Culture” reprinted -------------------------------------------------- The two-volume “Achaemenid Culture” is a comprehensive book for archeology and history students which talks about historic background, Archaemenid knowledge and history of script in Iran. The book reprinted for the second time by SAMT publication. Text : IBNA: The first volume of the book contains 11 chapters; chapter one is about Archaemenid culture, chapter two is about Aryan race and chapter three reviews language and script in Achaemenid era. The forth chapter talks about the history of birth of script in Iran and Persian Cuneiform script and the fifth chapter is about evaluation phases of script in other ancient countries.  Archaemenid epigraphs, two-century attempts of European scientists to read Persian Cuneiform script, Arami script in Archaemenid Empire and Archaemenid knowledge are subjects of the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth chapters of the book in order.  The tenth chapter is about education in Archaemenid era and the eleventh chapter reviews scientific-archeological researches and Iranian-European scientists. Sources, pictures and index as well as the list of pictures are at the end of the first volume.  The second volume of Sassanid Culture is in 8 chapters; a summary of Iran situation before Medes kingdom, taxation and treasuries, Archaemenid coins, economic and commercial situation, agriculture and animal husbandry during Archaemenid era, culture sciences, carpets during Archaemenid era and stamps of Archaemenid kings are subjects of chapters.  The book is a comprehensive source for archeology and history students. Late Ali Sami said in the book that excellent structure of modern culture has been built on steady sills of past culture of the Middle East and Iran has gathered and reserved and distributed that culture since the beginning of Iran’s dominance till the advent of Islam. Whole knowledge of the world is related to background of ancient knowledge of Sumer, Babylonia, Egypt, Iran, Assyria, India, Greece and Rum.  According to Sami, ancient people of this land have had so valuable culture and art and although historic events and changes have destroyed many things, remained parts represent that great culture. It is our duty to be aware of our ancestors’ attempts and save their memorials.  Culture and art of ancient Iran had been more than what today we know. And what researchers have written were only some parts of them which have been dispersed during wars, turmoil and etc