IBNA- The Iranian children's book 'You Are a Tourist' written by Shahrzad Shahrjerdi ‎and illustrated by Ghazal Fathollahi will be published soon in Japanese. ‎
Japanese translation of Iranian children book
Tuti Publishing (Children and Young Adults department of Tehran-based Fatemi Publishing which has released the original Persian version of the book, has been instrumental in the translation and upcoming publication of 'You Are a Tourist' in Japanese.
How do you think it is possible to become a tourist? What do you need to become a tourist? Where is a tourist city? Do you want to be a tourist?
The award-winning ‘You Are a Tourist’ is the story of a brother and sister whose land has been hit by war and crisis, and now they want to move to a smaller peaceful land where they can have a better life. The brother calls their long and winding journey a world tour and together they set out on this path; A path where they visit mountains, plains, seas and various cities.
Story Code : 339322
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