IBNA- A Persian language Tajik poet of children and young adults Assad Golzadeh ‎Bukharaei passed away and laid to rest in his hometown city Bukhara. He was 88. ‎
Tajik poet of children, young adults Bukharaei laid to rest
Born on January 5, 1935 in Shogan village in the suburbs of Pishkooh, Golzadeh Bukharaei studied at the Dushanbe University to be a teacher. He made too much effort in teaching Persian in Bukhara.
Golzadeh Bukharaei was a member of Tajikistan's Writers Union from 2003. His poems describe Bukhara, unique landscapes, life and professions of people in this ancient city. he mostly composed for children and young adults.
His collections of poems have been published in Bukhara, Tashkent, Dushanbe and Tehran. A number of his poetry books include: 'The Galaxy of Wish', 'Blossoms of Bukhara' and 'Praying for a Leave'.
One of his couplets reads:

“O' Bukhara, I seek my origin from you
 O' Bukhara, I seek my generation from you
 Since you are the link of centuries
 O' Bukhara, I seek my unity with origin from you.”
Wherever Asad Golzadeh Bukharai went, he proudly spoke of his hometown Bukhara and the cultural as well as lingual commonalities of the Persian-speaking people.
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