IBNA- Drawn from some 40 years of writings, 'Blood Pact and Other Stories' (1994) by ‎the acclaimed Uruguayan journalist, novelist, and poet Mario Benedetti has been ‎translated into Persian and published.‎
Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti
The book features stories that address the suffocating effects of middle-class life and often feature unexpected, dramatic endings that expose trust and romantic dreams as misplaced or illusory, sometimes with horrific consequences. It has been rendered into Persian by Laila Minaei. Prestigious Tehran-based Mahi Publishing has released 'Blood Pact’ in 160 pages.   
This collection includes the best of renowned Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti's stories from over 40 years of publishing. In these stories of powerful sudden impact, Benedetti plumbs with deep psychological insight both the dreams and frustrations of the middle-class in a bureaucratic society, as well as the pain and disorientation of political exile.
Jim O'Laughlin comments on this collection: "Some stories show how surrendering to the necessities of daily life drains the future dry, as in "Gloria's Saturday" and "Blood Pact." Others show febrile romanticizing easily deflated by a voice or an incident from the past, as in "Iriarte Family”.
There are stories where daily life or an imagined escape from it distorts (or ends) time, as in "Perhaps beyond Repair," where a businessman's flight is repeatedly delayed overnight until he finally hears his son say his father was killed in a crash years ago, or in "Five Years of Life," where a man and woman enthusiastically meet and go home together, in what is suddenly five years later, to a life seemingly drained of its promise. These are accomplished and often wry fictions."
Despite publishing more than 80 books and being published in twenty languages Mario Benedetti was not well known in the English-speaking world. In the Spanish-speaking world he is considered one of Latin America's most important writers of the latter half of the 20th century.
For his poetry and novels Benedetti won numerous international awards. La Tregua, first published in 1960, has since been translated into over 20 languages (into English by Harry Morales) and inspired the 1974 film The Truce.
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