IBNA- Juvenile fiction book 'Smoking Stinks!!' (1998) by Kim Gosselin which informs ‎children about harms of smoking has been translated into Persian and published. ‎
Iranian children to know about smoking harms in
The book has been rendered into Persian by Golrang Darvishian Kermanshahi, Nardeban Publishing has released 'Smoking Stinks!!' in 32 pages for children above 9.
"Smoking Stinks" is a fun way for kids to learn about the dangers of tobacco use without the appearance of "teaching." The story of Maddie and her concern about her grandfather's smoking habit sends a powerful message that nicotine is a drug and that its use is not "cool."
In this case, Maddie is concerned not only for her grandfather's health, but also for the effect that his smoking has on her well-being. A happy ending is in store, however.
Kim Gosselin is an award-winning author and a member of the Author's Guild and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Preparing to be a new grandmother of twins, she was inspired to create a story from their point of view, wondering "What do little babies see and do?"
‘Babies of Two’ is Kim's 17th picture book written with heart and humor for generations to share. She enjoys absorbing the innocence of children particularly her own grandbabies, four magical princesses with one newly crowned king.
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