IBNA- Bagher Parham, an Iranian translator and researcher of philosophy passed away ‎in Sacremento, California, the United States. He was 87. ‎
Iranian translator and researcher Bagher Parham dies in U.S.‎
The news of his death was announced by his son Ramin who is also a researcher.
Born in Roudbar, Iran’s Gilan province, Bagher Parham (1935-2023) was a founding member of the Iranian Writers Association. He studied in Iran and France books and translated books and articles of philosophy and sociology which are still important sources in Iran that are regularly reprinted, including 3 famous works of Hegel, Karl Marx's ‘Grundrisse’ and a book of studies on social classes, written by Russian-born French sociologist and jurist George Gurevich.
Bagher Parham also authored a number of books, such as ‘Society and Government’, ‘Mutualism and Unity: A Collection of Articles’ and ‘Through Ferdowsi's Perspective'.
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