IBNA- A comic play in four acts, 'The Voyage of Mr. Perrichon' (1860) by French ‎dramatist Eugène Marin Labiche has been translated into Persian and published.‎
French play, "The Voyage of Mr. Perrichon" published in Persian
An Iranian translator Abbas Agahi has been rendered this play into Persian. Jahan-e Ketab Publishing has released ‘The Voyage of Mr. Perrichon’ (French: Le Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon) in 136 pages.
The play follows the exploits of Mr. Perrichon, a wealthy coachbuilder, who embarks on a family vacation to the Swiss Alps. Their trip is joined by two suitors, who challenge each other to win a marriage with Perrichon's daughter Henrietta.
A series of falls into glacial ravines occur, including a rescue that leads to fame and esteem for Perrichon. Meanwhile, Perrichon incurs the ire of the town's lovelorn mayor, and their conflict soon escalates into a ridiculous duel.
The play was a "triumphant success" and led to Labiche being crowned "king of vaudeville."
Earlier, his 1851 farce ‘The Italian Straw Hat’, written with Marc-Michel, has been adapted many times to stage and screen. He reached his peak in the 1860s, with a series of successes.
Some admirers have considered Labiche the equal of Molière; his plays are more complex and less coarse than many other examples of French farce. Love is practically absent from his theatre.
In none of his plays did he ever venture into the depths of feminine psychology, and womankind is only represented by pretentious old maids and silly young ladies. He ridiculed marriage, but in a friendly and good-natured manner that always left a door open to repentance and timely amendment
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