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‎'Reality Therapy and Self-Evaluation' introduced in Persian

23 May 2023 - 21:11

IBNA- A book themed on professional development, 'Reality Therapy and Self-‎Evaluation: The Key to Client Change' (2017) by Robert E. Wubbolding has been ‎translated into Persian and published.‎

Providing practical strategies for creating action plans that lead to positive behavioral change, the book has been translated into Persian by Ali Sahebi and Abuzar Golvarz. Arjmand Publishing has released 'Reality Therapy and Self-Evaluation' in 256 pages.
This unique resource discusses the core concepts of self-evaluation and the WDEP system of reality therapy, and answers the commonly asked question: "How do I intervene with clients who appear to be unmotivated to make changes in their behavior?"
Choice theory/reality therapy expert Robert Wubbolding provides mental health professionals with skill-building strategies for helping clients better self-evaluate, embrace the change process, and make more effective life choices.
Detailed interventions and sample counselor-client dialogues throughout the book illustrate work with clients dealing with posttraumatic stress, anger issues, grieving and loss, self-injury, antisocial behavior, career concerns, relationship problems, and more. Dr. Wubbolding's techniques are readily applicable to mental health and educational settings, with cross-cultural application to clients of various ages.
Robert E. Wubbolding, EdD, is an internationally known teacher, author, and practitioner of reality therapy and director of the Center for Reality Therapy in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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