IBNA- 'Persian Art and Architecture' (2012), a book by Swiss scholar Henri Stierlin ‎which provides a comprehensive overview on its subject has been translated into Persian ‎and published.‎
Swiss scholar
Almost featuring color photographs with associated text, the book has been translated into Persian by Amir Faghani and Sara Balin-Parast. Soroush Danesh Publishing has released 'Persian Art and Architecture' in 335 pages.
Persian art and architecture have a rich heritage that stretches far beyond the borders of modern-day Iran, from the Abbasid monuments of Baghdad to the splendid Timurid buildings of Samarqand and Bukhara.
When the ancient land of Persia was conquered by the Arabs, its people embraced Islam but strove also to retain their own language and culture. The merging of influences resulted in a distinctive artistic style that spread through the Middle East.
This book follows a historical path across the Iranian world and examines the artistic legacies of great rulers and their dynasties, from the rebirth of Persian art under the Seljuqs to the magnificent structures built by Timur-i Lang in Samarqand and the cultural flowering that occurred under the Safavid dynasty and beyond. Palaces, mosques...
Henri Stierlin is a renowned architectural historian and author with a special interest in Islamic culture. His many previous books include Islamic Art and Architecture (978-0-500-51100-8).
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