IBNA- During her visit to Tehran, Georgian expert Nani Gelovani, a winner of the 30th Iran's ‎Book of the Year World Award spoke on the history of Norouz (or Nowruz: New Iranian ‎Year) in Georgia.‎
Georgian expert describes Norouz history in her country
Gelovani who won the award for her book 'The Muslim Community of Tbilisi', published by the Tbilisi State University in 2021, told IBNA: “Georgians know the background of Norouz celebration. Iranians and Azeris who live in Georgia celebrate this festival. Regardless of the fact that a part of the people of Georgia celebrate this festival, a suggestion was made to pronounce Norouz as a national holiday, and this suggestion is being considered.
“It is also known that the Muslims of this region celebrate Norouz. The sources even mention the provisions for this celebration and in some way information were given and people were informed about Norouz celebration,” she stated.
The expert pointed out: “Although Norouz is not an Islamic celebration, the ceremony has been held from the past as Georgian newspapers and magazines have written that Muslims here have celebrated this Iranian festival.”
"Even we learnt that the consul of Iranian Embassy in Teblisi, felt obliged to celebrate the ceremony with the people and immigrants who lived in Tbilisi." This consul invited Iranians living in Tbilisi and the general public, and the celebration was held grandiosely,” Gelovani added.  
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