IBNA- Turkish translation of Parvin E'tsami's Divan (Collecte Poems) will be unveiled at ‎the 1st Parvin E'tsami International Conference which has been organized to honor the ‎eminent Iranian poetess. ‎ ‎
Turkish translation of Parvin E
Javad Vand-Norouz, the director of Shahriar's Mausoleum Foundation and the executive ‎secretary of Parvin E'tsami International Conference told IBNA that the book has been translated by a Turkish language Iranian poet Akbar Sattari.
He stated that as well as Turkish translation of Parvin E'tsami's Divan, nine other books on the subject of Parvin E’tesami will be unveiled at the 1st Parvin E'tsami International Conference: "The event will be held next year in collaboration with Shahriar's Mausoleum Foundation and Allameh Tabatabai University in Tehran.
The first major Iranian poetess of the 20th century, Parvin E'tesami (1907-1941) was the ‎daughter of the journalist and man of letters Yusof E'tesami from whom she received ‎solid training in Arabic and classical Persian literature. She also met a number of noted ‎poets and literati of the time who held literary meetings in E'tesami's house.‎
She was graduated in 1924 from the Iran Bethel, an American high school for girls and ‎taught for a while at that school. Parvin was around seven or eight years old when her ‎poetic ability was revealed. Through her father's encouragement, she versified some ‎literary pieces which were translated from western sources by her father.‎
In 1921-22, some of her earliest known poems were published in the Persian magazine ‎Bahar (Spring). The first edition of her Diwan (book of poetry) compromised 156 poems ‎and appeared in 1935. It consisted of 209 different compositions in Mathnawi, Qasida, ‎Ghazal, and Qeta, and stanzaic forms. It totaled 5606 distiches.‎
In her short life, she managed to achieve great fame amongst Iranians. Parvin's poetry ‎follows the classical Persian tradition its form and substance.‎
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