IBNA- A 1952 novel by the French writer, polemicist and ‎physician Louis-Ferdinand ‎Céline 'Fable for Another Time' (French: Féerie pour une autre fois) has been published ‎in Persian and is available in Iranian bookstores. ‎
The translation of this work from French has been accomplished by two noted Iranian translators the late Mehdi Sahabi as well as Asghar Nouri. Tehran-based Markaz Publishing has released 'Fable for Another Time' in 254 pages.
Céline started to work on the novel in 1945, while he was living in exile in Denmark. At the time he was working on London Bridge: Guignol's Band II, and had plans for a third book in the Guignol's Band series.
Those plans were scrapped when Céline was imprisoned, which made him nostalgic about his time in Montmartre. The book was meant as a fictionalised memoir as much as a defence speech.
The narrative recounts Céline's experiences during what seems to be a hypothetical bombing of an area of Montmartre by the allies on the days preceding D-day. The whole of the action of this fairly long narrative lasts no more than twelve hours from the beginning of an evening to the morning after. It was followed by a sequel, 'Normance'.  
The first novel of Céline with real name Louis Ferdinand Auguste Destouches titled ‘Journey to the End of the Night’ (1932) won the Prix Renaudot but divided critics due to the author's pessimistic depiction of the human condition and his writing style based on working class speech.
In subsequent novels such as ‘Death on the Installment Plan’ (1936), ‘Guignol's Band’ (1944) and ‘Castle to Castle’ (1957) Céline further developed an innovative and distinctive literary style.
He was accused of collaboration during World War II and fled France in 1944 to live first in Germany, then in Denmark, where he was imprisoned for over a year; an amnesty in 1951 allowed him to return to France. Céline remains anathema to a large segment of French society for his antisemitic writings; at the same time, his novels are enormously admired by each new generation.
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