IBNA- Persian translation of the book, 'Iran: the New Persia' (1937) by German ‎photographer and journalist who served in the army of the Third Reich Axel von Graefe ‎has been translated into Persian and published.‎
German photographer
The book has been rendered into Persian by Sa'eed Firouzabadi under the title ‘Iran at the Beginning of Pahlavi Dynasty’. Honar Mo'aser (Contemporary Art) Publishing has released this work in 152 pages and 500 copies.
'Iran: the New Persia' features a foreword by the Reich Minister of Foreign Affairs, Freiherr von Neuarth as well as 170 original photographs by von Graefe.
This book was published shortly before the start of World War II, in a collection of of Atlantis Publications. The books in this collection are about India, Italy, Japan and other countries that later the Nazis in Hitler's Germany tried to make some of them a part of their ideology.
One can not claim that such a concurrency was planned, although it has always been one of the most significant strategic issues of the "Great Powers" which was also extended to the field of books.
Axel von Greffe had a mission to compile and prepare a comprehensive and documented report on the modernization of Iran under the leadership of Reza Shah Pahlavi.
His report illustrated with photos shows the aspects of modernization in Iran at that time and contains valuable and unseen images of Iran's old and modern architecture, urban and rural centers, industrial developments, people and their daily life, as well as the path of organizing the Pahlavi government in the middle of the 1920s.
The photos seen in this book represent the changes that have taken place in Iran during the last 90 years which is important to be considered from sociological, historical and  cultural viewpoints.
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