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Iranian polymath Abdollah Anvar passes away

10 Mar 2023 - 21:37

IBNA- Maestro Abdollah Anvar, an Iranian polymath who was head of the Manuscripts ‎Department of Iran's National Library and Archives for over 20 years passed away in ‎Tehran on Thursday. He was 98.‎

Born in 1924 in Tehran, The polymath who was a mathematician, logician, musician, historian, philosopher, Tehranologist, jurist, writer, cataloger and specialist in ancient texts died in his home as the result of a long term grave illness and the old age.
He had a brilliant command on English, France and Arabic and translated key works of Western and Oriental philosophy into Persian. During his tenure at Iran's National Library and Archives Organization he compiled almost 10 volumes of listing rare Persian and Arabic manuscripts contained in that entity.
A contemporary pioneer of epistemology in Iran, Anwar devoted his life to Persian culture and compiled one of the volumes of the ‘Dehkhoda Dictionary’ which is the largest comprehensive Persian encyclopedic dictionary in the world.

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