IBNA- Psychology book ‘Mentalization-Based Interventions with Children, Young People and ‎Their Families’ (2012) edited by Nick Midgley and Ioanna Vrouva which combines theoretical ‎understanding and practice has been translated into Persian and published.‎
‎‘Minding the Child’ combines theoretical understanding and practice
The book has been translated into Persian by Parisa Sadat Seyyed Mousavi, Fateme Ebrahimi and Ro’ya Raisi, Arjmand Publishing has recently released ‘Minding the Child’ in 320 pages.
What is 'mentalization'? How can this concept be applied to clinical work with children, young people and families? What will help therapists working with children and families to 'keep the mind in mind'? Why does it matter if a parent can 'see themselves from the outside, and their child from the inside'?
‘Minding the Child’ considers the implications of the concept of mentalization for a range of therapeutic interventions with children and families. Mentalization, and the empirical research which has supported it, now plays a significant role in a range of psychotherapies for adults.
In this book, we see how these rich ideas about the development of the self and interpersonal relatedness can help to foster the emotional well-being of children and young people in clinical practice and a range of other settings. 
With contributions from a range of international experts, the three main sections of the book explore:
• the concept of mentalization from a theoretical and research perspective
• the value of mentalization-based interventions within child mental health services
• the application of mentalizing ideas to work in community settings.

‘Minding the Child’ will be of particular interest to clinicians and those working therapeutically with children and families, but it will also be of interest to academics and students interested in child and adolescent mental health, developmental psychology and the study of social cognition.
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