IBNA- Written by best-selling English children's book author and illustrated by Anuska Allepuz, 'A Bear Is a Bear (except when He's Not)' (2020) has been translated into Persian and published.
An engaging children story,
The engaging children story has been rendered into Persian by Mohammad Aara. Narengi Books, the children and young adults department of Valeh Publishing has released 'A Bear Is a Bear’ in 26 pages and 1000 copies.
When Bear wakes up early from his hibernation, he can’t remember what he is! Is he a bird? Or a moose? Maybe a fox? Just when it seems like Bear won’t be able to figure it out, he finds his cave and decides another nap might help. Will Bear be able to remember what he is when he wakes up again in the spring?
Kirkus Reviews comments on this book: “The gorgeous, softly textured illustrations effectively enhance the story’s witty twists and turns. Particularly charming is the bear’s expressive face, which effectively conveys his confusion, frustration, sadness, and joy...A sweet, fun romp through a winter forest with a goofy protagonist kids will love.
Karl Newson is a best-selling, multi-award-winning children's book author, whose stories are published in 29 languages around the world.
He has enjoyed playing with words and making up stories since he was small. He lives in London with his partner in crime, and the fox and owl who live at the end of the garden. When he isn't working, Karl likes watching films with his children, listening to music and walking in the woods.
Anuska Allepuz grew up in Spain, where she studied fine arts at the University of Salamanca. She has enjoyed drawing and writing stories for as long as she can remember, and her work is driven by a love of storytelling.
She is the author-illustrator of ‘Little Green Donkey’. She likes exploring texture and using mixed media, handmade stamps, and stencilled shapes. She lives in Cambridge, England.
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