IBNA- Persian translation of the illustrated Children's book 'Poor Puppy and Bad Kitty' ‎‎(2012) by American author and illustrator Nick Bruel has been translated into Persian ‎and published. ‎
The book has been rendered into Persian by Farmehr Monjezi. Tehran-based Mitchka Publishing has released 'Poor Puppy and Bad Kitty' in 40 pages.
PUPPY GETS HIS OWN BOOK. Kitty's best friend stars in this zany companion to the best selling BAD KITTY.
Poor, poor Puppy: Kitty isn't interested in playing, so all puppy's left with are: 1 Airplane, 2 Balls, 3 Cars, 4 Dolls... and 22 other toys. When he's done, Puppy's so tired, he takes a nap- and dreams of playing apple bobbing in Antarctica, Baseball in Brazil, Checkers in Canada, Dodgeball in Denmark... and 22 other games.
Who else but Nick Bruel could combine the alphabet, a counting game, a whirlwind geography course, and a screamingly funny story... all in 40 pages (previously titled Poor Puppy)?
‘Booklist’ comments on this work: "Each colorful picture is crammed full of delicious detail; adults using the book with children will be able to come up with plenty of visual games to play."
Nicholas Tung Ming Bruel is the phenomenally successful New York Times bestselling ‘Bad Kitty’ series, including the 2012 and 2013 CBC Children's Choice Book Award winners ‘Bad Kitty Meets the Baby’ and ‘Bad Kitty for President’.
Story Code : 331461
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