IBNA- Iran's Book and Literature House will hold the opening ceremony of the 17th Fajr ‎International Poetry Festival in the city of Shiraz today.‎
‎17th Fajr Int
In this ceremony, poets Mahmoud Akramifar, Nasser Faiz, Mostafa Mohaddasi Khorasani, Mahmoud Habibi Kasbi and Reza Esmaili from Tehran will recite poetry.
Also Ayoub Parandavar, Gholam-Reza Kafi, Mohammad-Ali Jahandideh, Mohammad Moradi, Hojat ul-Eslam  Mohammad Hossein Ansarinejad and Ahad Dehbozorgi from Shiraz will present their poems.
Those interested to attend the ceremony may visit Fars National Library at 3 PM. Furthurmore, this event will be broadcast live on Ketab Internet TV at ketab.tv.
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