IBNA- 'Keys to Your Child's Healthy Sexuality' (1998), a book by American Pediatrician ‎and author Dr. Chrystal de Freitas has been translated into Persian and published. ‎
Educational book
The educational book has been translated into Persian by Sara Raeisi Tousi. Saberin Publishing has released 'Keys to Your Child's Healthy Sexuality' in 243 pages.
An experienced pediatrician and educator who is also a parent offers advice on how to talk about the facts of life and sexuality to children of all ages, from preschoolers to preteens, and describes a value system for the entire family that promotes a healthy attitude toward sexuality.
Chrystal de Freitas M.D., FAAP, is the founder of San Diego-based Healthy Chats LLC. Healthy Chats provides health education information to parents and their children through detailed seminars, DVD kits, and online.
The company presents its "Healthy Chats for Girls" seminars for mothers and their pre-teen daughters, "Healthy Chats for Boys" puberty seminars for sons to attend with one or both parents, and "The Birds and the Bees with Ease!" seminars for parents.
In addition to Healthy Chats, the doctor maintains a private practice at Carmel Valley Pediatrics and was selected by the San Diego County Medical Society and San Diego Magazine as one of the area's top doctors (2006). In 2009, Carmel Valley Pediatrics was selected for the 2009 Best of San Diego Award in the Pediatrician category by the U.S. Commerce Association.
Dr. de Freitas is the author of ‘Puberty in Girls’ and ‘Puberty in Boys’ (Health Infonet, 2000), and ‘The Birds and the Bees with Ease!’ (Healthy Chats LLC, 2010.) She is also the creator of the acclaimed ‘My First Period Kit & DVD’ (2008) based upon her popular mother-daughter seminars.
For more information about Dr. de Freitas and her work, please visit www.HealthyChats.com, www.carmelvalleypediatrics.com and www.Jakeskindergartencheckup.com
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