IBNA- The 24th International Storytelling Festival organized by the Institute for ‎Intellectual ‎Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA or Kanoon) will be held on January 15 to 19 in the city of Yazd.
24th Int
Cultural Deputy of the Institute for ‎Intellectual ‎Development of Children and Young Adults Mahmoud Moravej who is also the Head of the  24th International Storytelling Festival said the policy-making council of IIDCYA has defined the new time schedule.
Earlier, the festival had been scheduled for Yalda Night on December 21, but due to its concurrency with the Fatemid days (mourning ceremony for lady Fatima (S), the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)), it was postponed.
The international section of this festival will be held in two sections: foreign storytellers and domestic storytellers. 
In the foreign section, almost 400 people who were able to participate in the competition were invited, among them 50 people registered. Then a total of 25 stories were received and finally, 10 storytellers were selected after judging the works.
Those selected in the international section of the 24th International Storytelling Festival are from Canada, Turkey, Argentina, Colombia, India and Kenya.
Story Code : 330837
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