IBNA- At a meeting with Syrian Deputy Minister of Information, Iran's Culture Minister Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaili praised Syrian nation and government's resistance against terrorism and called for strengthening interaction and cooperation between Iranian and Syrian media.
Interaction and cooperation with Syrian media to be strengthened
Iran's Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance hold a meeting with Syrian Deputy Minister of Information Ahmad Dawa and some directors of various media in that country, saying that resistance of the Syrian people is an important event, but perfect narratives about that have yet to be presented. 
Referring to the Iranian movie 'Damascus Time' and other culture and art productions which express the resistance of the Syrian people against terrorism Esmaili said: those involved in culture, art and media in our country are ready to cooperate in joint productions to accomplish this task and Iran's Ministry of Culture will take any necessary action which leads to the improvement of cultural, artistic and media interactions with the friendly country of Syria.
It should be noted that the film 'Damascus Time' directed by Ebrahim Hatamikia is centered on the story of an Iranian pilot and his copilot son whose plane is seized by ISIS forces in Syria while carrying a cargo of humanitarian relief supplies to people in a war zone.
Elsewhere in his sayings, Esmaili stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran has a broad structure in the field of media and said: "We are looking to expand our media interactions with the friendly and brotherly country of Syria, and on the other hand, we are considering a plan to focus on the issue of fake news and what called media terrorism to take joint actions with friendly countries for this objective.
Ahmed Dawa who is also the former director of the SANA News Agency (Syria's official news agency) for his part referred to the visit of the Syrian delegation to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) and Iran Cinema and Television Town in Tehran.
"During our visit to IRNA, we agreed to cooperate with our Iranian friends. An appropriate agreement was reached between the two parties and we decided to take measures to improve the technical level of SANA with the assistance and guidance of our colleagues in IRNA," he said.
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