IBNA- History book 'The Persian Gulf War' (2018) edited by Alexander Cruden from the series of Perspectives on Modern World History which provides different views and personal narratives on its subject has been published in Persian.
Originally published by Greenhaven Press, the book has been translated into Persian by Fatemeh Shadab. Tehran-based Qoqnoos Publishing has released 'The Persian Gulf War' in 198 pages and 1000 copies.
How an event is remembered depends on the people who record it. The broadest possible understanding of history comes from exploring multiple perspectives: from different time periods, different cultures, different ideologies.
Iraq incurred a lot of debt after the war with Iran; for this reason, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein decided to occupy Kuwait and exploit its resources. He did not think that neighboring Arab countries and Western countries would go to war with his country in response to this action, a war that became known as the First Persian Gulf War.
The historical context of the war, its surrounding debates and personal narratives of the Persian Gulf War are the three main parts of the book 'Persian Gulf War', which, like other books in the Perspectives on Modern World History series, is divided into various chapters and compiled.
The Perspectives on Modern World History series provides multiple views of momentous events in recent history. Using primary and secondary sources, each volume provides background information on a significant event in modern world history, presents the controversies surrounding the event, and offers first-person narratives from people who lived through or were impacted by the event.
All volumes in the series include an annotated table of contents, a chronology, a bibliography, and a subject index. For students and other researchers, Perspectives on Modern World History helps develop critical thinking skills, increases global awareness, and enhances an understanding of international perspectives about historic events.
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