IBNA- Venezuelan Cultural Attaché to Iran Eduardo Rojas hoped that cultural ‎interactions between Iran and Venezuela are strengthened and the most important ‎means for this purpose is the translation of books. ‎
Book translation important in Iran-Venezuela cultural interactions
He told IBNA that the two nations of Iran and Venezuela are approved of the cultures of each other and said: "I hope we can boost our cultural ties through translation and paying attention to cultural diversity.
"Book translation is one of the significant and complex aspects of the cultural relations between Iran and Venezuela; because the translation of many Iranian works - for the Venezuelan audience - has its own complexity and difficulties. However, we are trying to translate Persian works into Spanish and vice versa," the Cultural Attaché stressed.
Rojas said: Iran and Venezuela have reached cooperation and alliance in political, defense and multilateral issues; In my opinion, there are many capacities in the field of cultural issues to strengthen the cultural unity between the two countries.
He added: "One of the basic steps to bring the cultures of Iran and Venezuela closer together is to establish a direct flight between Tehran and Caracas. Such a flight helps to develop interactions between the two countries through travel and tourism."

"In terms of books, such policies are also effective. Divan Hafez is one of the Persian and Iranian literary masterpieces with beautiful and rich poems. This book and other great Iranian works should be introduced and republished to the non-Iranian audience to expand cultural interactions."
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