IBNA- Self-help book, 'A Choice Theory Psychology Guide to Happiness: How to Make ‎Yourself Happy' (2019) By Carleen Glasser has been published in Persian and is sold in ‎Iranian bookstores. ‎
This work has been translated into Persian by Abuzar Golvarz. Arjmand Publishing in Tehran has released 'A Choice Theory Psychology Guide to Happiness' in 104 pages.
This book is about how to make yourself happy. The meaning of happiness is uniquely examined from a Choice Theory perspective. Defining happiness is a somewhat difficult task because no two people experience it the same way.
In this book, the author shares the personal stories of twenty, very different people, who have written about what happiness means to them and why they are happy. The author explains how different aspects of Dr.William Glasser's Choice Theory are demonstrated in every story.
This reflection is followed by a Choice Theory Take Away where the author gives the readers information about how to immediately use these Choice Theory ideas in their own lives.
In the Preface of the book, the basics of Choice Theory are briefly explained as a reference point. But the stories clarify the ideas and help the reader more fully understand Choice Theory and how to use it to make themselves happy.
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