IBNA- A book on Germany’s history 'Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People' (2019) ‎by American historian Michael A. Hoffman offering a new view on the German dictator ‎and his practices has been published in Persian. ‎
This work has been translated into Persian by Reza Qeshlaqi. Sorayesh Publishing has released 'Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People' in 240 pages and 500 copies.
Revisionist scholar Michael Hoffman revises the revisionists with this new chronicle of the unprecedented disasters Adolf Hitler needlessly brought down upon the heads of the German people and countless others.
Excavating the occult initiation of Hitler, his Nazi ideology of self-worship, and his first high-profile bloodshed: the murders of his own colleagues, the culmination of his thesis is his review of the invasion of Soviet Russia by Hitler, demonstrating that it had no chance of victory, and was in fact a mass suicide operation by a reckless, apocalyptic gambler who saw himself transcending the fate of the burned, beaten and prostrate German people as he was transfigured into the presiding spirit of Götterdämmerung, the final act of Wagnerian legend.
The vocation of the truth-teller is a re-visioning of every human belief in the face of new information when it contradicts the old. Some of those who say they are revisionists are not. For them, revisionism is a means to end the rehabilitation of Adolf Hitler's image and reputation. The revisionist epistemology itself is of little interest to such people. They undercut it with their rush to affirm virtually any disinformation that buttresses their side.
Revisionist history takes no sides and has no agenda. It ineluctably follows the truth wherever it leads, which is what makes it both an endlessly fascinating adventure, and a critically important constituent of the advancement of knowledge against the human tendency toward self-deception.
Michael Hoffman
Table of Contents
1. The Russian Roots of Nazism. 2. Nietzsche, the Jews and the Goyim. 3. Corporal Hitler: Germany s Future Führer in World War One. 4. Hitler Had Him Murdered: Gregor Strasser. 5. Did Stalin Want War with Germany in 1941? 6. The Nazi Invasion of Russia: Operation Suicide 7. The Magical Thinking of Hitler 8. A Supernatural History of the Third Reich Appendix I: The Commissar Order Appendix II: Gottfied Feder and the Revival of Medieval Catholic Doctrine. Appendix III: Zinskauf. Appendix IV: The So-Called Good War
Historian Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York Bureau of the Associated Press and the author of ten books of history and literature, three of which have been published in French and Japanese translation. He is the editor of Revisionist History® newsletter.
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