IBNA- 15 storytellers from Iran and 10 from 6 other countries reached the international ‎section of the 24th International Storytelling Festival held by the Institute for ‎Intellectual ‎Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA or Kanoon).‎
Selected works of int’l section of 24th Int
The international section of this festival will be held in two sections: foreign storytellers and domestic storytellers. The event is scheduled for January 8 to 12, 2023, in the city Yazd.
The director of the International Committee of the festival Homayoun Hamedani gave news about the international section: In the foreign section, we invited almost 400 people who were able to participate in the competition, among them 50 people registered. Then we received a total of 25 stories and finally 10 storytellers were selected after judging the works.
"Those selected in the international section of the 24th International Storytelling Festival are from Canada, Turkey, Argentina, Colombia, India and Kenya", he added
Among the Iranian storytellers in the international section are: “Mahmud Kharaqani Mehri Khosravian, Shadi Pakzad and Mohsen Karimi.
The foreign participants of the international section include Deepa Kiran and Divya Sarkar both from India, Grace Wangari and John Mukeni Namai both from Kenya, Sarah Abu-Sharar, a Palestinian from Canada, Sila Topcam and Suheda Sahin from Turkey, Mily Ponce and Claudia Montesino from Argentina, and Mauricio Patino from Colombia.  
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