IBNA- The book ‘The Secret of the Pine Tree’ a narrative of a martyred Mujahid daughter Zainab Komaei by her Mujahid mother has been translated into English and released by Shahed Publishing.
English translation of
The original Persian book was written by Ma’souma Ramhormzi and then translated into English by Humeira Maikhosh. Shahed Publishing has released the English version of ‘The Secret of the Pine Tree’ in 160 pages and 1000 copies.
The book was formed through interviews held with Martyr's Mother as well as her sisters Mina, Mehri and Shahla Komaei. Also, the martyr's friend Narges Karimi and documents remained of Zeinab Komai contributed to the story.
Zainab Komaei was killed for wearing hijab and participating in a rally against not wearing hijab by the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK or PMOI) group in a terrorist attack.
The original Persian version of ‘The Secret of the Pine Tree’ was so well received as it was printed 20 times in Iran.
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