IBNA- An Armenian translator of Iranian religious and literary works Edward ‎Haghverdian who has the translation of Qur'an and Avesta in his career won the First ‎Sa'di Literary Award granted at Armeni’s National Library in Yerevan. ‎
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At the award ceremony, Iran's Cultural Attaché to Armenia Hossein Tabatabaei who is also the representative of Sa'di Foundation in Armenia made a speech and regarded translation as one of the significant factors in building relations between nations with different languages and saw the role of translators in this process special and unique.
Referring to the efforts made by Armenian translators in the history of relations between the two countries, he said that due to the achievements of such translators, from past to present, Armenian language people have become familiar with the culture, literature and civilization of their neighboring friendly country, Iran.

He went on to say that Iran's Cultural Attaché to Yerevan will present this award in a bid to honor veteran translators and encourage young translators to take concrete steps in promoting the culture of translation and boosting the young translators' interest in this job.
Next, Iranian-Armenian poet, painter, translator and journalist Edward Haghverdian appreciated receiving the award and regarded the Iranian contemporary literature both in terms of poetry and prose as a transparent mirror, which introduces contemporary Iran and said that his motivation for translating the works of Iranian poets and writers into Armenian language was and is to improve the knowledge of Armenian society of today's Iran.
Following the session, the head of the Armenian Writers Union Edward Militonian appreciated the efforts made by Iran's cultural Attaché to Armenia in the field of books and literature. He also added that due to his activities, Haghverdian deserved to receive the award.
Since 1980s, Haghverdian spent most of his time translating contemporary Persian literary works into Armenian language. He is the first person ever who translated the vast majority of modern Iranian literary works into Armenian and published them in Armenia and the United States of America.
Haghverdian has the translation of over 20 works from Persian to Armenia in his career. Among his other translated works are the selected poems of Sohrab Sepehri, Qeysar Aminpour, Ahmad Shamlou as well as several Iranian stories.
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