IBNA- 'Almost Always Best, Best Friends' (2022) a children's book by Apryl Stott which according to Publishers Weekly offers an empathic approach to navigating hurt feelings and challenging social dynamics has been published in Persian.
The book has been translated into Persian by Ma'soumeh Nafisi. Sima-ye Shargh Publishing has released 'Almost Always Best, Best Friends' in 44 pages.
From the creator of the New York Times bestselling picture book ‘Share Some Kindness, Bring Some Light’ comes a heartwarming new story about big feelings and the joy that comes from sharing friends.
Poppy is GREAT at being a best friend. She and her best, best friend Clementine spend EVERY DAY together making crafts, having adventures, and working on their bookmark business…Well, ALMOST every day. When Clementine spends an afternoon playing with someone new, Poppy fears she might be losing her best, best friend.
With some help from her dad, Poppy finds the words to share what’s in her heart with Clementine. But Poppy may not be the only one with hurt feelings. Together, Poppy and Clementine learn they don’t need to be afraid to talk about big feelings. And now with their friendship mended and stronger than ever, perhaps their dynamic duo has room to grow into a trio of best, best friends.
Kirkus Reviews describes this book as "A tender tale of friendship, kindness, and forgiveness."
Author-illustrator Apryl Stott grew up drawing and making delightful creative messes. Her first story, ‘How to Get Rid of My Baby Sister’ was written in third grade. Since then, she has learned how to be kind to her sister and how to clean up after herself. Mostly. She spends her days working in her studio, listening to podcasts, and picking up after her daughter’s delightful creative messes. Share Some Kindness, Bring Some Light is her first picture book.
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