IBNA- A reference work 'A New Handbook of Living Religions' (1997) by the late English ‎scholar John Hinnells has been published for the fifth time in Persian.‎
The book has been translated into Persian by Iranian expert Abdol-Rahim Gavahi (Ph.D.). Boostan-Ketab (Book Garden) Publishing in Tehran has released 'A New Handbook of Living Religions' in 846 pages and 1200 copies.
Written by a team of leading international scholars in a clear and readable style, this work provides a general introduction to the sources and history of the major religions, and an overview of its teachings, practices, popular traditions and twentieth century developments. This new edition not only updates existing chapters but also includes a whole new section on cross-cultural issues and modern diaspora religions in the West.
"The sources and history of the world's religions, from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism, to regional studies in Africa, China and Japan; their teaching, practices and popular traditions; diaspora religions in the Western world, in the USA, Canada, Australia and Britain, including a new section on these religious migrations in a comparative international perspective; gender and spirituality and the Black African diaspora; developments that have taken place in the twentieth century; recent scholarship, including new material on China; and public festivals and private devotions." "With charts and diagrams to illustrate and clarify the text, The New Handbook of Living Religions is the definitive guide to understanding the belief systems of the world today."
John Hinnells (1941-2018) was the Professor of Comparative Religion at the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London. At various times he held the posts of lecturer at Newcastle University, then Professor of Comparative Religion at Manchester University, and later at the University of Derby and Liverpool Hope University, and was a fellow at Robinson College, Cambridge.
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