IBNA- The first issue of ‘The Voice of Iranian Theater’, a monthly magazine by Iran's ‎Dramatic Arts Center aimed to introduce the capabilities of Iranian theater in the world ‎scene has been recently published in English.‎
Monthly magazine ‘The Voice of Iranian Theater’, debut issue published
The journal tries to demonstrate the need for understanding the art of performing arts in the form of art diplomacy, considering the significance of crossing geographical boundaries, and introducing the experiences passed in Iranian theater as well as the world arena.
‘The Voice of Iranian Theater’ is published at the beginning of every month on various subjects such as introducing staged plays in Tehran and other provinces of the country, introducing new publications, talking to artists, reflecting news of various national and international festivals and other related news in the field of theater.
This monthly newsletter is sent to the International Theater Institute (ITI) with 83 active theater centers around the world, as well as over 1,000 active theater centers throughout the world including groups, public and private companies.  
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