IBNA- A book by Italian novelist, translator and poet Erri de Luca titled 'In the Name of ‎the Mother' (In nome della madre, 2006) has been published in Persian and is available ‎in Iranian bookstores.‎
This novella by a writer described as "the writer of the decade" in his country has been translated into Persian by Neda Alizadeh Kashani. Tehran-based Mahi Publishing has released 'In the Name of the Mother' in 80 pages
In the name of the mother focuses on Miriàm/Maria of Nazareth, a Jewish girl who suddenly finds herself called to become the mother of the son of God, Ieshu, the Savior of humanity. The intent of the writer is to highlight, rather than the religious aspect, the human and realistic aspect of this story, the courage, emotions and sufferings of Miriàm, the deep love of a mother for her son.
Although Erri de Luca never stopped writing since he was 20, his first book was published in 1989, Non ora, non qui (Not now, not here). Many more books followed, best-sellers in Italy, France, etc., his work being translated and published in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, USA, Brazil, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Greece, Lithuania, and more.
In France, he received the France Culture Prize in 1994 for ‘Aceto, arcobaleno’, the Laure Bataillon Award in 2002 for 'Tre cavalli' and, also in 2002, the Fémina Étranger for 'Montedidio', translated in English as 'God's Mountain'.
In 2010 he was given the German international literary Petrarca-Preis. He was a member of the jury at the Cannes Festival in 2003. In 2013, he received the European Prize for Literature. In 2016, he received European Book Prize for his novel 'Le plus et le moins'. In 2020 he received Le prix André Malraux.
Erri De Luca wrote for various newspapers ('La Repubblica', 'Il Corriere della Sera Il Mattino', 'Avvenire'), and other magazines.
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