IBNA- On the occasion of the Sacred Defense Week which marks the Iranians resistance ‎against the invasion of the army of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, 8 books ‎have been published.‎
‎8 books released on the occasion of Sacred Defense Week ‎
These books which have been printed by Revayat-e Fath (Story of Victory) Press in ‎Tehran were unveiled at a ceremony at the Holy Prophet Hall of Shiraz, Iranian Fars Province on September 29.
The books are: 'Sarsar' by Najmeh Tarmah; 'The Sweet Scent of Farhad', 'I Love you on One Condition' and 'Ratyan Miracle' by Tahereh Kouhkan; ‘Exactly 39 Kilos’ by Samira Akbari; ‘Thirsty Rain' and ‘April 3015' by Maryam Shaida; and 'From Bovanat to Uppsala' by Mohammad Taheri.
The Sacred Defense Week is an Iranian annual commemoration of the 1980–1988 war imposed by Iraq on Iran. It is marked by military parades. It is set by the Iranian calendar and begins on Shahrivar 31.
The Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein at the time, tore up the 1975 Algerian agreement by appearing in front of Iraqi television cameras, announcing the start of the Ba'athist regime's invasion of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The eight years of war-exhaustion, economic devastation, decreased morale, military stalemate, inaction by the international community towards the use of weapons of mass destruction by Iraqi forces on Iranian soldiers and civilians ended as according to international law Iraq was later known as the aggressor.    
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