IBNA- Self-help book 'The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner ‎Resources' (2006) by Lynne Twist and Teresa Barker which describes the simplest ways ‎of financial transactions has been published in Persian. ‎
Simplest ways of financial transactions described in
Recommended as a wise and inspiring exploration of the connection between money and leading a fulfilling life, the book has been translated into Persian by Mohammad Sasani and Afrouz Khosrowpour. Taherian Publishing has released 'The Soul of Money’ in 288 pages.
This compelling and fundamentally liberating book shows us that examining our attitudes toward money―earning it, spending it, and giving it away―can offer surprising insight into our lives, our values, and the essence of prosperity.
Through personal stories and practical advice, global activist Lynne Twist demonstrates how we can replace feelings of scarcity, guilt, and burden with experiences of sufficiency, freedom, and purpose. Twist takes an honest and critical look at the extraordinary power that money wields over our lives and its profound and often destructive influence on our self-image and relationships.
In a consumer society that glorifies the pitch, the sale, and the insatiable appetite for more as a measure of self-worth, ‘The Soul of Money’ asks us to step back, to examine our relationship with money, to assess our connection with core human values, and to change this relationship and, in so doing, to transform our lives.
Lynne Twist is a global activist and found of the Soul of Money Institute. She lives in San Francisco, California. Teresa Barker is a journalist, consulting editor, and author. She lives with her family in Portland, Oregon.
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