IBNA- American Theologian Bernard McGinn book's 'Early Christian Mystics: The ‎Divine Vision of Spiritual Masters' (2003) coauthored by Patricia Ferris McGinn which ‎gather together the wisdom of Christianity's greatest spiritual teachers has been ‎published in Persian. ‎
The spiritual book which gathers together the wisdom of Christianity's greatest spiritual teachers has been rendered into Persian by Habib Bashirpour and Ma’soumeh Ansari. Parseh Publishing in Tehran has released 'Early Christian Mystics' in 295 pages.
Bernard McGinn's The Presence of God series is one of the most respected histories of Christian mysticism in print today. In this new book, Bernard and Patricia McGinn draw from the series to take a closer, personal look at the mystical vision of 12 great spiritual masters living before the Reformation. What were the deep insights of these early mystics? How can we apply their wisdom to our lives today? Chapters include Hildegard of Bingen on cosmic vision, John Cassian on prayer and purity of heart, and Bernard of Clairvaux on spousal love.
McGinn is one is of the greatest living authorities on Catholic historical theology. The Naomi Shenstone Donnelly Professor (Emeritus) of historical theology and history of Christianity at the University of Chicago, McGinn holds a Ph.D. from Brandeis University and an S.T.L. from the Pontifical Gregorian University.
He has lectured on and written extensively about the history of apocalyptic thought and recently has focused his attention on the fields of spirituality and mysticism. His current long-range project is a seven-volume history of Christian mysticism in the West called The Presence of God.
Patricia Ferris McGinn teaches in the art therapy program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
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