IBNA- British philosopher Bryan Magee's book, 'Men of Ideas: Some Creators of ‎Contemporary Philosophy' (1982) co-authored by Isaiah Berlin has been published in ‎Persian and was introduced to Iranian readership.‎
The book has been rendered into Persian by veteran Iranian translator of philosophy Ezzatollah Fouladvand. Tehran-based Mahi Publishing has released 'Men of Ideas: Some Creators of Contemporary Philosophy' in 428 pages.
This work contains Fifteen dialogues drawn from the highly acclaimed BBC series review the tenets and theories of moral philosophy, political philosophy, the philosophy of language and the philosophy of science.
It "achieved the near-impossible feat of presenting to a mass audience recondite issues of philosophy without compromising intellectual integrity or losing ratings" and "attracted a steady one million viewers per show."
Following an "Introduction to Philosophy", presented by Magee in discussion with Isaiah Berlin, Magee discussed topics like Marxist philosophy, the Frankfurt School, the ideas of Noam Chomsky and modern Existentialism in subsequent episodes.
Bryan Edgar Magee (1930 – 2019) was a British philosopher, broadcaster, politician, and author, best known for bringing philosophy to a popular audience. He attended Keble College, Oxford where he studied history as an undergraduate and then philosophy, politics and economics in one year.
He also spent a year studying philosophy at Yale University on a post-graduate fellowship. Magee’s most important influence on society remains his efforts to make philosophy accessible to the layman.
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