IBNA- American author Vincent Kelly's book 'All People Are Beautiful' (2021), a ‎children's fiction book illustrated by Cha Consul has been translated into Persian and is ‎available to Iranian kids.‎
Illustrated children
The book has been translated into Persian by Nazanin Soud Alizadeh. Zarafeh Books of Simay-e Shargh Publishing in Tehran has released 'All People Are Beautiful' in 24 pages.
An important book for early readers that highlights the beauty of our differences. All people are beautiful. All cultures are beautiful. All languages are beautiful. Celebrating our differences is beautiful.
What better way to talk about diversity and acceptance than with bright colors, fun artwork, and interactive ways children can enjoy while they read. Enjoy learning a few new words in different languages and even use your creativity in some of the in-book activities!
Vincent Kelly writes in this book: “I'm a husband, father, and an award-winning author. My wife and I have two sons and are based in the entertaining city of Nashville, Tennessee. I love writing stories that are filled with fun, color, life lessons, and that focus on promoting positive behavior and early learning in children.
The Awesome Things I Love is my debut children's book and All People Are Beautiful is my second book to be released April 2, 2021. There are more works to follow as I seek to pen books that children all over the world will grow to love.”
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