IBNA- Young adult non-fiction book 'The Bolshevik Revolution' (2013) by the American ‎author Sylvia Engdahl which offers a pathology of one of the most influential historical ‎events of the 20th century has been published in Persian. ‎
This work which is from the series of Perspectives on Modern World History of Greenhaven Press has been translated into Persian by Shahrbanou Saremi. Qoqnoos Publishing in Tehran has released 'The Bolshevik Revolution' in 167 pages.
This book explores the events of the Bolshevik Revolution, issues surrounding Bolshevik support or oppression of the working class, and the impact of Bolshevism on Russia and the world. Personal narratives from people who experienced the revolution are included.
Narratives include the words of none-other-than Nikolai Podvoisky, a key leader of the Bolshevik revolutionaries, where he describes their takeover of the Winter Palace. In another compelling personal essay, an American-born Russian princess describes her escape from Bolshevik violence.
This series provides multiple views of momentous events in recent history; each book helps readers develop critical thinking skills, increase global awareness, and enhance their understanding of international perspectives about historic events.
Sylvia Louise Engdahl is known best for science fiction. Her debut novel ‘Enchantress from the Stars’, published by Atheneum Books in 1970, was the 1971 Newbery Honor Book, was a Geffen Award finalist in 2008, Best Translated YA Book, and she won the Phoenix Award for that work twenty years later.
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