IBNA- The closing ceremony of the 13th Farabi International Award will be held with ‎introducing the winners of this event which is centered on the Iranian and Islamic ‎sciences will be held tomorrow. ‎
Closing ceremony of 13th Farabi Int
The ceremony will be attended by Iran's President Hojatoleslam Ebrahim Raisi; Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mohammad-Ali Zolfigol and several experts and researchers of the Iranian and Islamic sciences.
Farabi International Award, which is specifically aimed at the development of Islamic Humanities is held by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology on an annual basis.
With its goals being specified in both theoretical and applied fields, the Award has been organizationally defined in a way that enables it to receive the highest amount of support from research and educational organizations active in the field of Humanities.
With this purpose in mind, the experiences of Iran’s international festivals and the views and proposals provided by academies and research and scientific institutions were taken into consideration and used in designing the Award.
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