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Book on Roberto Rossellini films appears in Tehran Book Fair

15 May 2022 - 22:38

IBNA- 'The Films of Roberto Rossellini' (1993), by the late Italian scholar Peter ‎Bondanella from the Cambridge Film Classics has been published in Persian and ‎displayed at the 33rd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF).‎

A close analysis of the seven films that mark important turning points in Rossellini's evolution, The Persian version also bears an article by French philosopher, Professor of Philosophy Jacques Rancière. 'The Films of Roberto Rossellini' has been translated into Persian by Reza Khalili and released by Naghd-e Farhang Publishing in 239 pages.
‘The Films of Roberto Rossellini’ traces the career of one of the most influential Italian filmmakers through close analysis of the seven films that mark important turning points in his evolution: ‘The Man with a Cross’ (1943), ‘Open City’ (1945), ‘Paisan’ (1946), ‘The Machine to Kill Bad People’ (1948-52), ‘Voyage in Italy’ (1953), ‘General della Rovere’ (1959), and ‘The Rise to Power of Louis XIV’ (1966).
Beginning with Rossellini's work within the fascist cinema, it discusses his invention of neorealism, a new cinematic style that resulted in several classics during the immediate postwar period.
Almost immediately, however, Rossellini's continually evolving style moved beyond mere social realism to reveal other aspects of the camera's gaze, as is apparent in the films he made with Ingrid Bergman during the 1950s; though unpopular, these works had a tremendous impact on the French New Wave critics and directors.
Rossellini's late career marks a return to his nonrealist period, now critically reexamined, in such works as the commercially successful General della Rovere, and his eventual turn to the creation of didactic films for television.
Peter Bondanella was the distinguished Professor Emeritus of Italian, Comparative Literature, and Film Studies at Indiana University, United States.

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