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Int'l session of ‘Shahnameh’ and Ferdowsi's influence on Asian countries due

10 May 2022 - 16:49

IBNA- An international session titled "The extent of 'Shahnameh' and Ferdowsi's ‎Influence on Asian Countries" will be held by Iran's Research Institute of Humanities ‎and Cultural Studies in Tehran on Wednesday.‎

The event has been organized in cooperation with the Oriental Studies Department of the University of Georgia and Rajshahi University of Bangladesh.
Alexander Cholokhadze, Director of the Department of Oriental Studies, University of Georgia, Professor of Persian Language and Studies in Iran and the Middle East will make a speech on “The role of ‘Shahnameh’ by Ferdowsi in the Development of Georgian Literature” in the session.
Mohammad Kamaluddin, Professor of Persian Language and Literature, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh will also discuss Ferdowsi studies in Bangladesh.
‘The Shahnameh’ (Persian Book of Kings) is one of the world's longest epic poems created by a single poet, and the greatest epic of Persian-speaking countries.
Consisting of some 50,000 "distichs" or couplets (two-line verses), the book is the most popular and influential national epic in Iran and other Persian-speaking nations. ‘Shahnameh’ is the only surviving work by Ferdowsi regarded as indisputably genuine.
Ferdowsi is celebrated as one of the most influential figures of Persian literature and one of the greatest in the history of literature.
The international session, "The extent of 'Shahnameh' and Ferdowsi's Influence on Asian Countries" is scheduled for Wednesday, May 12 at 10 to 12 Iranian time in the Literature Hall of Iran's Research Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies.
Those interested may also visit: https://webinar.ihcs.ac.ir/b/ihc-mh1-dow-pya.   

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