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Young Iranian entrepreneur, author contributes to Brian Tracy's book

25 Nov 2021 - 16:05

IBNA- A young Iranian entrepreneur and author Alireza Mansourian has contributed to ‎‎'Rise above Adversity: How to Overcome and Steer through Difficult Times' (2021), a ‎book by Canadian-American motivational speaker Brian Tracy.‎

This book is a compilation of insights about resilience by Brian Tracy and a group of leading entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world. You'll get uplifted, energized and educated after you read the stories and lessons shared by the authors in this book.
There are other Iranians who have contributed to 'Rise above Adversity’ including Mehdi Mazloumi Sani, Barbad Raeisi, Navid Omidi, Pegah Ghiasian, Mehrdad Emadi, Mahmoud Namdar and Mobin Nassaj. Other international authors of this work are: Liza Jones, Raghwa Gopal, Elisabeth Kibitek Goueth and Kris Safarova.
Description of the book reads: “Your life will be a series of ups and downs, successes and failures, no matter what you do to guard against them. Peter Drucker, the management guru, said that the one thing that is inevitable in the life of the leader is the crisis. The only thing that matters is how you respond to the unavoidable crises that you will have on a regular basis.
The great historian, Arnold Toynbee, after studying the twenty-six great civilizations of history, found that each of them started small and grew based on their ability to respond effectively to the unexpected challenges they faced over time. He called this the “crisis-response theory of history.” It was their ability to accept responsibility, without blaming or complaining, that determined their long-term success or failure.”
When Alireza Mansourian was a teenager and should have spent his time in high school, a professor at the Amirkabir University of Technology told him while evaluating his project that it would be better at this age to “play games” instead of inventing. In the same year, Alireza sent six projects in various scientific fields to the Kharazmi Youth Festival, most of which reached higher levels.
However, he believes that the professor was right and that if he had spent his time “playing games” at school instead of researching at the university, he would have faced fewer avoidable adversities in life. He considers Thinking Smarter as the always-winning strategy of all “games.”
One better step is the story that Alireza repeats every day. He considers self-investment infinitely profitable. In his view, the cheap tutorials that are now available thanks to the internet are like a bundle of $100 bills waiting for their owner. Alireza strengthens himself with a strong love of continuous learning and believes that not a single opportunity should be missed.
At the core of all adversity, he’s just looking for opportunity. Alireza considered the COVID crisis the best opportunity to invest more. Land and property in the north of Iran, the stock exchange of Iran, and cryptocurrency were the markets of his interest during this period, all of which broke historical records in terms of profitability during the pandemic. By rising above adversity, he has succeeded in increasing his capital by 100 times.
Alireza Mansourian was born in Ilam in 1997 and is a top graduate of exceptional talent schools. He is one of the few engineering graduates who has successfully completed his internship at the IR-T1 Tokamak advanced reactor, researching clean and peaceful energy.
Relying on his computer knowledge, he is currently working in the field of investment and management and aspires to expand his non-governmental organization’s humanitarian aid. His supermodern NGO named MaNgo is built on Blockchain foundation. Alireza creatively manages it with Ethereum smart contracts. He is a co-author of Covid Acts of Kindness and GUINNESS WORLD RECORD participant of “Most Authors Signing the Same Book Simultaneously”.

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