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Book portrays Byzantium as a bridge between East and West

20 Nov 2021 - 15:29

IBNA- ‘A History of Byzantium’ (2005), a book by American scholar Timothy Gregory ‎which portrays Byzantium as a bridge between East and West has been translated into ‎Persian and published. ‎

The book uses the chronological political history of the empire as a narrative frame. It has been translated into Persian by Javad Morshedlou. Iranian Organization of ‎Research and Composing Textbooks on Humanities (SAMT) in Tehran has released ‘A History of Byzantium’ in 454 pages and 500 copies.
This book covers the time of Constantine the Great in AD 306 to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Expands treatment of the middle and later Byzantine periods, incorporating new archaeological evidence. Includes additional maps and photographs, and a newly annotated, updated bibliography.
It also incorporates a new section on web resources for Byzantium studies. The work demonstrates that Byzantium was important in its own right, but also served as a bridge between East and West and ancient and modern society. Situates Byzantium in its broader historical context with a new comparative timeline and textboxes
Timothy E. Gregory is Professor of Byzantine History at Ohio State University where he is also Adjunct Professor of Anthropology. He is the author of ‘Isthmia’ (1993), ‘The Corinthia in the Roman Period’ (1993), and ‘Vox Populi’ (1979) and editor of the textbook ‘Exploring the European Past: Texts and Images’ (2002), among other publications.
He also has considerable experience in online teaching. He has served on the editorial board of journals such as Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies and the American Journal of Archaeology. He has extensive archaeological fieldwork experience in Greece and Cyprus and is the director of the Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia.

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