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Modernist Iranian poet Houshang Chalangi passes away

24 Oct 2021 - 15:22

IBNA- Houshang Chalangi, a renowned modernist poet and writer from south of ‎Iran, one of the figures of modern Iranian poetry (She'r-e No) died last night. He was ‎‎80. ‎

A retired teacher, the poet reportedly died of a stroke at his home in Karaj, a major City near Tehran.   ‎
Born in 1941 in Masjed Soleyman, Chalangi was a pioneer of She'r-e Digar (An Alternative Poetry), a trend in Iranian modern poetry who was first introduced by eminent poet Ahmad Shamlou in his literary magazine Khoosheh. 
Distinguished for an unconventional poetic expression and surrealist images, Chalangi drew on the natural elements of his homeland to compose his poems. His poetic experimentations were finally led to the creation of She'r-e Naab (The Pure Poetry), one of the other branches of modern Persian poetry.
He left a number of published poetry books behind including ‘Where You Stand’, ‘Close to the Forlorn Star’ and ‘The Lazy Bell’.

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