IBNA- 'The Cats of Copenhagen' (1936), a posthumously-published children's short story ‎by Irish author James Joyce described as a delightfully antique work has been translated ‎into Persian and published as a book.‎
Short story by James Joyce,
Written in 1936 for his grandson Stephen James Joyce, it was not published until 2012, when Joyce's work entered the public domain in certain jurisdictions. 'The Cats of Copenhagen' has been translated into Persian by Gholam-Reza Emami and released by Tehran- based Porteghal Publishing in 24 pages.    
The story describes the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, where "things are not as they seem", and is critical of "fat cats" and other authority figures.
Cats were clearly a common currency between Joyce and his grandson. In early August 1936, Joyce sent Stephen “a little cat filled with sweets”—a kind of Trojan cat meant to outwit grown-ups. A few weeks later, Joyce penned a letter from Copenhagen which begins, “Alas! I cannot send you a Copenhagen cat because there are no cats in Copenhagen.”
The letter reveals the modernist master at his most playful, yet Joyce’s Copenhagen has a keen, anti-authoritarian quality that transcends the mere whimsy of a children’s story. Only recently rediscovered, this marks the inaugural U.S. publication of The Cats of Copenhagen, a treasure for readers of all age. A rare addition to Joyce’s known body of work, it is a joy to see this exquisite story in print at last.
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