IBNA- The National Library and Archives of Iran (NLI) has released documents ‎describing the damages caused by the allies occupation of Iran (The Anglo-Soviet ‎invasion of Iran) during world war II. ‎
Documents on the Allies damages to Iran during WWII released
These documents have been released on the occasion of the 80s anniversary of the occupation of Iran by the allies forces in September 1941.
The Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran or Anglo-Soviet invasion of Persia was the joint invasion of the neutral Imperial State of Iran by the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union in August 1941.
The documents also reveal the measures taken by why the United kingdom's government to censor the news during the war and persecution of those who were against the presence of foreign military forces in Iran.
This collection features the correspondences of the United Kingdom's ambassador to Iran Sir Reader Bullard to Iranian Prime Minister Ali Soheili, one of the letters reads:
"My Dear Prime Minister
You will remember that I have informed you on more than one occasion that the Persian side of the tripartite press censorship was not satisfactory. On the first occasion, you promised to appoint as sensor an experienced official who would be able to take decisions immediately without reference to higher authority and thus to remedy the complaint that press messages are suffering unconscionable delay…."
Those interested may see the documents on:  https://img9.irna.ir/d/r2/2021/09/16/0/169062162.pdf  
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