IBNA- ‘Judge on Trial’ (1986), a novel by eminent Czech author Ivan Klíma about a ‎Czech judge who lives in a state of perpetual contradiction has been translated into ‎Persian and published.‎
Ivan Klíma’s ‘Judge on Trial’ rendered into Persian
Written well and painfully about desperate attempts to restore love, the novel has been translated into Persian by Forough Pouryavari. Tehran-based Sales Publishing in Tehran has released ‘Judge on Trial’ in 652 pages.
First published underground in Czechoslovakia in 1978 and then reworked by the author in 1986, this epic novel is regarded as Klima's masterpiece- a novel that, while echoing Kafka and Dostoevsky, is startlingly original as a portrait of a man and his times. A brilliant and haunting exploration of Czech history through the eyes of a flawed judge administering flawed justice.
New York Times Book Review comments on the novel: “Part thriller, part domestic tragedy, at once political and intensely personal, Ivan Kilma's epically scaled new novel is an inquest into the compromises that turned even the best citizens of Czechoslovakia into accomplices of its late totalitarian regime. "Enormously powerful."
Ivan Klima is a graduate from the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague and professor at University of Michigan. For his writing abilities, Klíma was awarded Franz Kafka Prize in 2002 as a second recipient.
He was briefly a professor at the University of Michigan before returning to his homeland in 1970. His works, which include ‘The Spirit of Prague’, a collection of essays, were banned in Czechoslovakia until 1989. They address issues such as totalitarianism and intellectual freedom, which Klima also lectures on.
His two-volume memoir ‘My Crazy Century’ (Moje šílené století) won the Czech literary prize, the Magnesia Litera, in the non-fiction category in 2010. 'My Crazy Century' was published in English in 2013 by Grove Press.

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